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Targeted Direct Mail

Whether targeting new prospects or engaging existing customers, Direct Mail needs to be a part of your marketing mix. Effective Direct Mail has many working parts that have to come together perfectly for a well-executed campaign. This takes time and expertise.

Our business is Direct Mail, and the team at JR Direct are experts at pulling together any element of a campaign effectively and efficiently. When you work with the best, your results will show it.

How can we help you?

Get More Customers

New customers are the lifeblood of any business. Your business requires the continual identification and targeting of the best prospects. Whatever your needs, our team can help find the best prospects that match your buyer profile.  Learn more about our List expertise.

Tap Into The Value of Your Database

Your database is a valuable asset that, like many assets, has a market value. We can help you earn additional revenue from your customer list through targeted rentals to other businesses your customers may be interested in.  Learn more about the marketability of your database.

Drive More Business

Considering Direct Mail to improve your business? Talk to the experts at JR Direct. We can help with program design, execution, and analysis. Our 20+ years experience running all types of programs gives us the experience that can give your program the extra edge.  Read more about our expertise in running Direct Mail campaigns.

Clean Up Your Customer List

Keeping your data clean and updated saves you time, money, and improves your ROI. Put your data in expert hands at JR Direct to maximize your return on your most valuable asset.  Learn more about optimizing your data.

Put More Power In Your Messages

A great concept means nothing if the creative and message doesn’t speak to your customers or prospects. Let our qualified creative writing team work with you in writing and designing effective:

  • Sales letters
  • Emails
  • Newsletters
  • Promotional packages
Learn more about our copywriting service.

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