In a fast paced industry like the DM industry, time management and organizational skills are essential to achieve any sort of success. This brings us to the fourth tip in our time management series.

Tip #4:


This is probably one of the biggest and most important time wasters, because it can affect all we do both professionally and personally.

Look around you at those who seem to accomplish the most in a day, and it will most likely be because they know exactly what they want to accomplish. This doesn’t mean their jobs are any more or less important, it just means they have a clear understanding of what is required to do those jobs.

Unfortunately, too many of us think that goals and objectives are yearly things and not daily considerations. We need to have short term goals as well as long term goals. Without short terms goals, we tend to spend too much time focusing on the minor things and not enough time on the tasks that are important to our work or to our lives.

I found an article on that shows you How to Set Goals and Objectives. There is also a short video and some additional tips near the bottom of the page.

Here are the seven simple steps from the article:

  1. Become clear on the outcome you want to achieve.
  2. Write down your goals.
  3. Determine the objectives for each goal.
  4. Put your goals and objectives into time frames.
  5. Review your goals.
  6. Put your list in a place that is easily accessible.
  7. Return to your lists after each time frame.

These steps can help you set both short term and long term goals and objectives. It’s not hard to do, and it will keep you focused on the important tasks.


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