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Information Technology

Your business needs today include a reliable support team for your tech “Information Technology” (IT).   Most small business however can not afford to have a full time on site IT support person.  They will often rely on a network of “friends of friends” or a retail computer support product.

Seeing this need arise, JR Direct began outsourcing our inside IT personnel in 2001 to our partner companies.  This formed the basis of our IT Cooperative product.

Some of our clients however did not require a full service IT product, but favored an a-la-carte solution allowing them to handle internally what they were comfortable with, and offloading the planning or more technical tasks.

A trusted partner is key when working with your sensitive  IT infrastructure.  We draw upon our years of experience to provide a well rounded 24/7 support network without running up your expenses.   If you’re looking for a fixed rate IT solution look no further than our IT Coop service.

JR Direct complies fully with the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act (PIPEDA).


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