File Drop Service

JR Direct‘s File Drop Service allows customers and vendors to upload files without requiring them to register for an account.

Your file will be uploaded through our encrypted connection.

Click the File Drop button below to upload your files or click on the Instructions below read more on how to use our File Drop Service.

When you land on the File Drop page you will see the above – the rest of the browser window will be empty.

To upload one or more files you can either:

  1. Select the file(s) to upload and drag and drop them onto the browser window, or
  2. Click File Drop Button to open your computer’s standard file selection dialog window. Select the file(s) and click Ok.

Once you have dropped the files (or clicked Ok) the below window will appear, once for each file you upload. Note: clicking Cancel will cancel

File Drop Upload Details

Enter your Email (required), your Name (optional), and the File Description (required). For order fulfillment files, the File Description should include: Mailer NameList NameKeycode, and Record Count.

If you selected more than one file, you will have the option to “Don’t show form for additional files.” Please check this option ONLY if the File Description contains the information for all selected files.

The file(s) will automatically upload to JR Direct when you click Ok on the Upload Details form.