When working with data, you always want to find easier ways to store and access this data in a secure and convenient manner. For the last few years cloud computing has gained traction as being reliable and convenient for businesses.

Cloud computing is convenient because it increases flexibility and collaboration between employees. Colleagues can synchronize their efforts and work simultaneously on the same documents, often receiving updates in real time. Additionally, cloud computing allows team members, or even your clients, to work from anywhere that has an Internet connection.

However, with all your information on the cloud you are at risk of having it accessed by someone that isn’t you, which is why added security is good. One of the most common ways to protect your information is with a 2-step verification, which means having an authenticator or email verification. It would be unwise to use a service that does not have adequate protection.

There are downsides to cloud computing – the obvious being that you need an active Internet connection. Similarly, you are reliant on your cloud provider being up and available. Fortunately, cloud computing services have become more stable and reputable.

Cloud computing is growing and most businesses (large and small) use it in some capacity. Do you already use cloud computing? Are you thinking of using it?