As with any new technology/marketing channel there is always an uptick in adoption especially when you find yourself adopting it or being targeted by it.  Chrome’s Push Notification system is just that channel, it can be a marketer’s dream and a users nightmare all tied into one.

What exactly are Chrome Notifications?

Chrome Push Notifications prompt the user when they visit your site and request permission to allow notifications to be pushed to them at a later date even if they do not visit your site.  What is particularly insidious and yet brilliant all at the same time is that end users have been conditioned recently to “allow” cookies to be placed on their PC’s so most users blindly click “allow”.  You now have a direct channel to the users desktop anytime you want to push a notification out.  Better than an email that ends up being deleted or placed in a spam folder!   This is the dream part.

Now a quick search will yield a treasure trove of results all asking “How can I turn them off?”  This is where the user nightmare begins!   If you engage the users too much you’re risking damage to your brand and pushing your desired audience further away.  It’s all a very delicate balance.  Much like email, if you don’t overdo it you’ll be ok.  Notify them when a super special is on, but don’t tell them about every blog post! You want them looking at your products, not googling how to remove your notifications.

The people over at wrote a great article on Best Practices on how to use push notification.  I recommend if you’re considering push notifications that you consider reading it.

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