JR Direct recently introduced a staff “Free Fruit Program” for its employees as a part of our Corporate Wellness Program. Wellness programs have been shown to help increase productivity, and a Fruit program is something most employers can implement quite easily.

Bringing fresh fruit into the equation is a tasty way to help encourage employees to make healthy choices easier – perfect for an employee to take back to their desk or grab on the way out the door. Employees are more likely to grab the plump juicy apple and fresh banana instead of a salty snack, especially when it’s free. For years, local schools have been running similar programs to help ensure kids have a balanced diet. While we may all be kids at heart, we often don’t eat as well as we should when we are older.

Among the many benefits of eating fruit at work you can find the following:

  • Fruit is light and does not weigh the stomach down like most processed high calorie foods. This has the benefit of helping you not feel so sluggish, tired, or sleepy after eating fruit.
  • Since fruit is chock-full of vitamins and minerals, it acts like a mental shake. These naturally occurring vitamins and minerals are more quickly absorbed by the body and you feel the positive effects much quicker.
  • The enzymes and antioxidants in fruit are also shown to help your overall mood. Happy and productive workers are a great thing for both the employees and employers.

You can see that by implementing a fruit program you not only help your employees, you help your businesses bottom line. It’s a great investment for everyone involved.