You’ve got a great direct mail strategy… You’ve worked for months to get everything fine-tuned and profitable… It’s finally starting to pay you back… and then your letter shop calls to warn you about an impending postal service disruption. What do you do now?

When you’re an international marketer like we are here at JR Direct, this happens more often than we would like. Over the years, we’ve found creative ways to help our clients get around the disruptions.

  • Lodge your mail in a different country
    If the country you lodge in has a disruption, it may be as easy as sending your mail from a different country. However, be aware that not every country has the same regulations or delivery timelines. Make sure you work with your consultant to ensure you mitigate the risks.
  • Alter your delivery method
    Sometimes you can take advantage of alternative delivery options to get your message out there. For example, newspapers can deliver your fliers, postcards, newsletters, and coupons for often lower rates. Many will also allow you to refine your delivery region similar to direct mail. It doesn’t work for everything but it’s something to look into.
  • Go Online to get your orders
    You’ve been collecting your customers’ email addresses right? Now’s the time to use them. Set up a Lead Generation site for your monthly promotion and reach out to them via email. Revenues might not be as strong, but your cost to deploy that strategy is much lower. In the end, you may be able to open up a new channel to talk to your customers.
  • Consider informing (aka telemarketing) your customers
    Take the opportunity to reach out to all your customers and inform them that while this postal disruption is in place they can still reach you to place orders. While you’re talking to them, thank them for their time and offer them a one-time discount to place the order over the phone this month.

Those are just a few strategies we’ve used at JR Direct over the years to keep our clients’ momentum going during postal disruptions. With our international contacts, we know the people to keep your business moving. Reach out to us to see how we can help.