“Milestones : An event marking a significant accomplishment”

Today we are proud to announce the start of our 30th year in operation. Back in 1989 when JR Direct was started as a small marketing company focusing on List Management and List Brokerage, very few of us knew what the future would hold. Our phones were the size of bricks and the internet was just a patchwork of Gopher clients spread across universities. So much has changed over those 30 years.

What hasn’t changed is JR Direct’s original mission statement and that is a testament to our founders. Starting out as J. R. Direct Marketing you can see our original mission statement below. Yes that is the original statement that has hung on our wall and now in our memory cabinet in our lobby. 30 years old, a little faded and still as relevant as the day it was created.

JR Direct has remained committed to those values throughout our years in business as we have continued to grow and expand to include new services such as Consulting, Data Processing, Information Technology Support and Online Marketing services.

As we enter a new decade with an updated look, a new web page and a team of dedicated professionals ready to serve our clients,  we don’t know where the future will lead us, but we do know that this milestone is just that, one more milestone behind us as we work towards the next one.

We thank our clients for their support over the last 30 years. The faith and trust you’ve placed in us will always be the cornerstone of our business.

Your Success Equals Our Success