From small to large companies, consultants are hired for a variety of reasons.

Consultants support companies in many ways, such as handling advertising and promotions, managing finances, helping with investments, managing employee benefits or simply by hiring other employees.

The main reason to hire a consultant is to improve training, marketing, production or finances to make the company more profitable.

Consultants review business operations to reveal flaws and potential problems based on their client’s request. Businesses can develop tunnel vision; consultants often bring new ideas or processes to an organization which would not have been organically developed.

In most cases consultants are hired to perform a function or set up a business process that the client does not have first-hand experience with. For example, a manufacturer who wants to start selling their products directly may have great knowledge and experience in manufacturing but may not have the skills in marketing and web development. This is the perfect situation to hire a consultant. The consultant might come in and coordinate the development and set up of the website, order processing, billing and shipping, and at the same time train new hires on how to fulfill their roles. At the end the consultant may move on or stay and provide ongoing support.

A consultant is a specialist, his/her role is to provide expertise in multiple business decisions to ensure that the company is equipped to handle the challenges they are facing. Hiring good consultants can allow a company to tackle challenges that they are not prepared to deal with quickly and professionally. It’s a way for a company to swiftly adapt to changes.

It’s also important to keep in mind that someone who specializes in Marketing may not be good at Human Resources. You must take care in hiring the right consultant for the right job.

What to look for in a consultant?

  • Most importantly, their skills need to match the task you need help with. You need the right tool for the job.
  • They must follow instructions, and have clear communication skills. A consultant is a trainer, and not only do they need to know “what” to do, they need to be able to explain to you “why” you need to do it.
  • Someone who can work efficiently to execute the task required. Consultants often bill hourly, so looking at rates doesn’t often tell you the whole story; you also need to know how quickly and competently they work to effectively assess their quote.

Before hiring a consultant, make sure the business is sustainable, with a good quality product or service that appeals to customers. Consultants are not miracle workers; no consultant is going to take a business that has fundamental problems with its business model and quickly turn it around.

If you are looking to grow your company and you know the areas where you need help, hiring a consultant may be a good idea. However, if you are looking for someone to solve core problems with your business, or lack focus on what elements need improvement, you may be disappointed.

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