Global Direct Marketing

Thinking of going global or expanding to new markets? International marketing can be a web of market specific complexities. It’s important to work with a partner that knows how to navigate each market’s unique challenges, supply chains and marketing requirements.

JR Direct has been at the forefront of the international marketing since our inception in 1989 and have forged a wide network of relationships and contacts all over the world, resources that work to benefit your campaign.

How can we help you?

Locate Your Customers, Anywhere

Our wide network of International connections ensures the widest selection of options when sourcing new markets.  Our relationships the world over allow us take you to new markets with confidence.

Get More Customers

New customers are the lifeblood of any business. Your business requires the continual identification and targeting of the best prospects. Whatever your needs, our team can help find the best prospects that match your buyer profile.

Optimize Your Data

International data can present endless challenges. It takes special knowledge and custom systems to be able to manage the complexities that come with International data standards, formatting differences, unique characters, and the list goes on. Our custom systems work to all International standards for all major markets.

Copy and Packages That Get Results

You want your message to speak to your customers and, most of all, generate action. Effective campaigns attract the reader’s attention, engage them, and then take them to the next step. Our creative team understands what it takes to create great packages, and are ready to work with you.  Learn more about our copywriting service here.

Reach out to the world with JR Direct