IT Cooperative

Small business today find themselves in a technology dilemma. Too small to afford a dedicated Information Technology team and unable to expand without proper dedicated IT Support. Today more than ever before they need cost effective IT options.

JR Direct developed our IT Cooperative service to help small business fill this IT shortfall. Knowing you have access to a qualified IT support team helps you focus on meeting your client needs.

How can we help you?

Get the support you need

Small business typically can’t support a dedicated IT resource. They typically make do with a group of both internal and external resources. JR Direct fills this gap with our IT Cooperative program. Through the IT Co-op small businesses have access to a proactive response IT team for a simple fixed fee each month.  Learn how we can help you, professional IT services cost less than you expect.

Meet your regulatory requirements

In recent years regulatory bodies throughout the world are putting more responsibilities onto small business to ensure they protect their data for outside sources. For a small business these ever evolving changes can be costly. By leveraging the resources in your IT Co-op you’re able to benefit from several companies working together to ensure regulatory compliance.

Disaster Planning

Each year, businesses spend thousands of dollars to recover lost data or untested/unmanaged disaster recovery plans. By far this is the biggest issue we see with our IT Co-op members. We help you build, test and maintain a robust disaster recovery plan that ensures your business sees minimal interruptions in the event of a disaster. Ask us how we can help protect your resources.


Small business today must remain connected in more ways than ever. Gone are the days of just a phone and fax line. Today businesses maintain a vast network of smart devices, online communications and modern telephone solutions. Our IT Co-op members benefit from our ability to support them across all these platforms. From data migration to voice over IP and cellular contract negotiations JR Direct helps keep you connected. Learn how we can help you save on your communications budget.

Custom Solutions

Sometimes your needs can’t be met by commercially available products. JR Direct has been building custom software solutions for ourselves and our clients since 1989. We can customize your existing software solution or build a customized solution to meet your needs. Our years of problem analysis allow us to identify the most cost effective way to meet your needs.

Cost effective IT Soultions