Online Presence

Creating an effective online presence doesn’t end with your website design. You need to be prepared to handle a variety of media platforms which includes adapting to mobile devices. But it doesn’t end there, as the ever-evolving social media platforms require constant attention to maintain your presence.

JR Direct helps you navigate all these evolving technologies and ensures your brand stays cisible online. We help you craft achievable goals for your online brand then help you reach them. Learn why we are different when it comes to your online presence.

How can we help you?

It starts with your website

The first step to your online presence is your brands website. Today modern website design tools allow JR Direct to quickly create an effective creative site that you can maintain with limited support. Discover how we empower you to take control of your website.

Interacting with Social Media

Social Media for business is very different than what you may be familiar with. Maximizing your brands presence on social media requires an ongoing strategy. Keeping potential customers or clients engaged requires a plan. See how JR Direct can help you develop the right strategy.

Effective targeting

Once you have established your online presence, the next step is targeting your advertising effectively. Well-placed keywords are a key step, that’s likely why you’re reading this now. JR Direct helps you identify the most effective keywords that will continually drive more traffic to your brand and avoid marketing in areas that are costly with little return. Learn how important research into effective targeted marketing is.

Organic and paid positions

With thousands of competitors online making sure your results appear higher in an online search takes time and patience. A paid listing can be a cost-effective way of accelerating your online presence. JR Direct helps to leverage your existing efforts in conjunction with a paid online advertising program. Find out why just spending money on paid ads is not always your best strategy.

Converting Leads

Your online presence has an important job to do. It needs to effectively capture, engage and convert your leads into clients. You’ve spent the time to get the right leads to your site. It’s important you have a well-designed program to convert those leads to customers. JR Direct can help you craft a successful conversion program to ensure you’re getting the most from your marketing efforts. Find out how JR Direct helps ensure the compelling nature of marketing efforts yield results.

Engage your customers online