We’ve all heard of the 4 P’s of Marketing – Price, Place, Promotion and Product.  This is also known as the “marketing mix” which is an essential business and planning tool used in marketing products.

Well, in direct marketing, specifically ‘Direct Mail’ marketing we at JR Direct have our own DM marketing mix or 4 P’s that can guide in the planning and marketing of your direct mail campaign.  The 4 P’s of Direct Mail Marketing are Precision, Presentation, Personalization and Performance.

Precision – Know your audience.  This is perhaps the most important element of your direct mail campaign as mailing to the wrong audience will almost guarantee failure.  Make sure that you or your list broker chooses the right lists so your message reaches the right people, the ones that would elicit a positive reaction to your message or offer.

Presentation – Reaching the right people is just part of the battle.  What use is it if your mail piece, once in your customer’s hands, is ineffective and does not entice him or her to take the next step?  Your mail piece or offer needs to be presented effectively – this includes an action provoking message, a well-designed creative, and an effective branding strategy.

Personalization – Engage your customer and he or she will respond!  Using your customer’s name in your offer is a tested and true marketing tool.  It makes it personal for them and makes them feel like they have ownership in the message.  Ensure that your offer utilizes effective personalization and presentation to greatly increase your chances of the recipient taking action.

Performance – Track, analyze, test, track, analyze, test…  Evaluate campaign performance, always.  The most advantageous part of a Direct Mail campaign is that you will unequivocally know if your campaign is a success or not.  First, track and analyze your results – see what worked and what didn’t.  Then try to figure out how to improve for the next campaign, and put the idea to the test.  Testing is healthy for your program and it will help improve your future direct mail campaigns.

Follow these essential 4 P’s of Direct Mail Marketing and you’ll be well on your way to DM success!