Have you ever noticed that you’re getting less and less mail in your mail box…and more and more in your inbox! These days we are accustomed to being bombarded by emails and online ads. It’s a daily routine of fighting through the digital clutter but fortunately it’s easy to get rid of these mostly pesky emails…check box, delete, gone!

In the digital age, ‘old school’ direct mail has become much more relevant. There is now less competition in your mail box, meaning that more than ever, the opportunity has opened up to reach customers and households with direct mail. Customers are more likely to open up mail now because it’s tangible and touchable, something obviously missing with email.

The fact is Direct Mail is much more effective than email. According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), direct mail outperforms email with a response rate of 4.4% compared to 0.12% for email.