In a fast paced industry like the DM industry, time management and organizational skills are essential to achieve any sort of success. This brings us to the third tip in our time management series.

Tip #3:


Let’s say a co-worker calls in sick, a team member gets called away on business, or you have a last minute project thrown at you that needs to get done, TODAY! You know you are going to have to step in and look after what you can for your teammate, or do what needs to be done to complete the new project, but you still need to manage your own tasks and deadlines.

  • Review – Take 15-20 minutes at the beginning of the day to review everything that needs to get done. Make sure you have everything you need for each task, and know their deadlines.
  • Prioritize – Determine which tasks absolutely HAVE to be done, and which can be rescheduled. Your clients’ needs should normally take precedence – while your boss may yell at your about a late report, your clients may take their business elsewhere.
  • Organize – Arrange your tasks in your priority order. If possible, position a few very short tasks between the longer tasks. Short tasks can give you a mental rest and a sense of accomplishment that you at least got something done!
  • Do It – You’ve reviewed, prioritized, and organized. Now it’s time to put your head down and get to work.

You do the above, and you’ll amaze yourself (and your boss) with how much you’ll get accomplished. While venting to everyone about how much work you have to do may meet an immediate psychological need, it won’t meet any deadlines.

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