Lead generation is an all-important part of cultivating new customers and growing a business. It is the process of making contact with potential customers which leads to awareness and ultimately sales. However, there are many methods in how you can generate leads.

Below is a list of 10 Ways to Quickly Generate Leads (source: entrepreneur.com):

  • eBooks – Great for B2B and for technically oriented companies.
  • Newsletters – Share your insights, recent wins, and industry news.
  • Blog – Showcase your expertise with informative articles.
  • Twitter – Lets you reach out to your customers and their followers.
  • Networking events – Meet more people, expand your network, and gain referrals.
  • Develop an engaging video – YouTube allows imbedded links to your website.
  • Infographic – Cheap to produce, and people still share and read them.
  • Webinars – An inexpensive way to get your message to potential customers.
  • Media coverage – Increases awareness of your brand.
  • Strong branding – Don’t try to be everything to everyone, be the expert in your field.

So which of these do you use? JR Direct utilizes several of the methods above for ourselves, in particular our monthly newsletter “Direct Mail News” and – surprise, surprise – these blogs!

These 10 methods are, of course, not the only ways to generate leads. JR Direct also has our own Lead Generation program please click here.