Many companies market themselves online while also running direct mail promotions, but a surprising few take the next step of integrating their online and offline efforts. One of the easiest methods for doing this is the PURL (Personalized URL). It’s a fantastic tool to deliver personalized content to potential customers and works amazingly to link your print and online marketing efforts.

For those still in the dark about what exactly PURLs are, they typically take the form of a personalized website with a URL that matches the customer’s name (for example: PURLs will often require the customer to enter an access code, which offers enhanced security and allows customer-specific information to be loaded when the customer visits the site.

PURLs are great to grab your customer’s eye, and give them a URL that is easier to remember and visit at a later time. When using PURLs, try to place them front and center as they will be your primary response vehicle on a promotion.

One of the great features of PURLs is that they provide better tracking of your direct mail efforts, allowing you to see exactly when customers log into their personalized sites and to what extent they explored the site. For marketers this is valuable information that you can use to refine your future marketing efforts.

When planning your next online or direct mail promotion you should really consider the advantages of using a PURL. And remember, if you need someone to make the whole process easier, don’t hesitate to contact JR Direct. We can help you with everything from the starting print piece to the management and creation of the PURL sites.

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