The newest approach to marketing is the PURL – a personalized landing page specifically created to further engage customers from a direct mail piece to a web site designed for the prospect. When executed well, a PURL can significantly increase your lead generations.

In part 1 of this two-part series, we’ll provide you with insightful tips to make your PURL campaign as successful as possible. See part 2 for additional tips.

  • Separate PURL Site
    To get the most out of your PURL campaign, we suggest that you use a dedicated domain name (separate from your company web site). This will ensure that your marketing message is relevant to your particular marketing message and will allow you to personalize the web experience for the customer. It also allows you to track your response rates and acquire any required information from the customer.
  • Keep it Simple
    While we want to engage your customer, we also want to keep it simple for them. First, pre-populate personal details (name, address, etc.) as much as possible – people tend to be leery about supplying personal information, but are fine to confirm information you already have. Second, limit the number of questions on surveys and questionnaires – people are more likely to fill out a 2-3 minute survey than a 15-20 minute questionnaire. And third, keep questions focused on your marketing offer – unrelated questions may just confuse the customer.
  • Get a Commitment
    Have your customers specify an appointment date and time as part of the survey, or have them select specific products or services of interest. A customer is more likely to show up for an appointment ‘at 3 pm on Saturday’ than they are to ‘visit your store sometime for the weekend sale’.

For more tips, stay tuned for part 2 of this PURL series in the next blog posting.